Architectural and Studio photographer, Fabrice Dunou works in various fields:

- interior and exterior architecture, interior design, urban planning, corporate communication, luxury homes...

- Culinary, cosmetics, jewelery, design objects ...

Its dual expertise, architecture and studio (in particular culinary), allows him to offer a full service for hotels and restaurants.

Graduated from an international school of photography (Speos Photographic Institute), he has been selected by world-architects in order to be present in their international architecture directory.

Shuttling between Paris and Orléans, he works throughout France, and abroad for specific orders.

His travels have allowed him to make shots in many countries (France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Croatia, Philippines ...).

Technology for creativity

A professional photographic equipment (digital cameras 24x36mm, shift lens, wide angle, studio, generator, flash ...) and mastery of different techniques allow him to give free rein to his creativity.

His initial training, especially the study of industrial design, allowed him to develop a sensitivity to the curves, lines, perspectives and gives him the ability to enhance the architecture.

Photographic project, simple to complex

From the business world, including as manager of international projects, his previous professional experiences give him the skills and qualities necessary to carry out photographic achievements, from simple projects to more complex projects:

- Control of costs and project duration: analysis of customer needs, setting goals, planning, implementation and project closure.

- Collaborative way of working with clients and partners.

- Teamwork.

To customer service

Serving architects, interior designers, builders, local administrations ... on one hand, advertising agencies, communication agencies, designers and creators ... on the other hand, he works for and with clients assisting them with their projects.

Recent publications

Office & Culture - 2012, September

Le Figaro - 2012, August

Habitat durable - 2012, July

Les Echos - 2012, July

Maison à part - 2012, July

Batiactu - 2012, July

Réponses Photo - 2011, October


Some references



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